10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Donate to Goodwill

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Donate to Goodwill

By Alana Sesow

Goodwill is more than just a secondhand clothing store; we’re a one-stop donation destination for almost any usable item in your home. Here are 10 commonly overlooked items to throw in the “donate” box next time you declutter:

1. Home Décor.

It’s easy to procrastinate a home project when you don’t know where to store the miscellaneous décor: photo frames, mirrors, canvases, welcome mats and everything in between. Donating these items to Goodwill will open up your living space and give someone else a chance to redecorate.

2. Books

We all have books sitting on our shelves that we know we’ll never read again. Instead of letting your novels collect dust, donate them to Goodwill and give a customer the chance to get lost in the same stories. In turn, we’ll use the revenue to help local job seekers rewrite their own stories through the power of work.

3. Magazines

Goodwill doesn’t just accept hardbacks and paperbacks; we accept magazines, too. From last month’s Runner’s World to last decade’s Elle, your old subscriptions will take on a new life in our retail stores.

4. Digital Entertainment

Are your shelves packed with DVDs you no longer watch, CDs you no longer listen to, or video games you no longer play? Goodwill accepts and resells all kinds of digital entertainment. We even accept older forms of entertainment, like VHS tapes and records, for our nostalgic customers.

5. Craft Supplies

Do you have extra beads, colored pencils or pipe cleaners lying around the house? When you donate craft supplies to Goodwill, we categorize and sell them in our Bits & Pieces section. Many of our shoppers are avid DIYers who are always looking for reusable, inexpensive materials for their next project.

6. Holiday Décor

Goodwill accepts holiday-specific donations – like artificial Christmas trees or plastic Jack-o-Lanterns – all year long. When the seasons change, we bring these items to the sales floor, so our shoppers can celebrate the upcoming holidays accordingly.

7. Toys

Kids move from toy to toy quickly as they grow up, leaving parents and guardians with piles of dolls, building blocks and everything in between. Instead of trashing what your kids no longer play with, give these toys a second chance at life by donating to Goodwill. You’ll free up space in your home while creating a healthy environment and community for the next generation.

8. Furniture

Transporting small items to the nearest Goodwill donation center is easy. But, many people forget that Goodwill accepts gently used furniture, too. To help our donors declutter large items, Goodwill offers free home pickups for people who live within the Lincoln and Waverly city limits. Click here to view our guidelines and book a pickup slot.

9. Electronics (in any condition).

Don’t throw away your used electronics, even if they’re broken! Donate your technology to Goodwill instead and help us fight global e-waste. Thanks to Goodwill’s partnership with Dell Reconnect, we can resell, refurbish or responsibly recycle electronic donations of any brand and in any condition.

10. Textiles (in any condition).

Not sure what to do with your torn T-shirt or stained blanket? Skip the dumpster, and donate to Goodwill instead! Gently used textiles are sold in our retail stores, while items that don’t meet our sales standards are refurbished or recycled. Textiles can take on a variety of second lives, providing sustainable materials for insulation, paper money and more.

When you donate your items to Goodwill, you aren’t just decluttering your own space – you’re helping the community, too. The retail sales from your donations help fund free programs, like Goodwill’s Job Connection Center, that assist local job seekers on their journey toward employment. In 2020 alone, Lincoln Goodwill served almost 3,000 individuals with employment-related needs.

To access a more comprehensive list of our accepted donations, click here. Still don’t see the item you’re curious about? Call 402-742-8456 or email donate@lincolngoodwill.org.



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