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Work At Goodwill

Become a part of something MORE

Being a Goodwill employee is about MORE THAN just a job and earning a paycheck. Co-workers become MORE THAN just someone you work with; they become an encouraging support system and second family. The work you do creates opportunities for people with disabilities or barriers to employment find jobs. By working together as a team to process thousands of unique donations for sale, the revenue earned allows us to put MORE back into the community through employment programs and partnerships. When you apply, you are investing in MORE THAN just a job; you are investing in yourself, your community, and the environment. Be a part of something MORE by joining our team today!

Steps To Apply

  1. All applicants must fill out the online application form selecting the appropriate Position Applying For (Retail, Retail Management, Custodian, Administrative.)
  2. Administrative applicants should submit a cover letter and resume as directed in the job posting and complete the online application. These individuals will be notified directly if their application is selected for an interview.
  3. Retail, Retail Management, and Custodian applicants select an interview to attend through the application. Retail interviews include counting change.
  • Lincoln interviews are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3PM at 2100 Judson Street, Lincoln, NE. Please plan accordingly, the interview is open to the first 10 applicants who arrive and may last up to 2 hours. Other interview times may be available. Call (402) 438-2022 for more information. 
  • York interviews are held each Thursday at 2:30PM at 512 N. Grant Avenue, York, NE or visit the York location for more information.

*If LPS closes due to inclement weather, interviews will be canceled.


There is a high level of temptation that comes with working for Goodwill. It is the job of each employee to treat every interaction with respect to the Goodwill mission, ethics and honesty policy.

Goodwill asks you to meet a few basic requirements in order to join our retail team:

  • Enthusiastic customer service
  • Pre-employment background checks and drug screenings (at random or reasonable suspicion)
  • Evening and weekend hours; including Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Attend Interview and Goodwill Academy
  • Change counting skills
  • Ability to move at least 25 pounds regularly
  • Understand and adhere to Goodwill’s Code Of Ethics

All newly hired employees will attend Goodwill Academy, a four-week training program for new hires. Training schedules after the first day include a shift on Saturdays from 10AM-3PM and a choice of shifts from 10AM-3PM or 4PM-7:30PM on select weekdays for the first two weeks. A more regular schedule to include evenings and weekends will be assigned beginning the third week. Upon attendance of the interview, more specific information will be provided.