Celebrate Earth Day With Goodwill

Celebrate Earth Day With Goodwill

By Alana Sesow

Every April 22nd, people all around the globe gather to celebrate Earth Day and promote a greener way of life. With over 1 billion participants per year, Earth Day is now recognized as the largest secular observance in the world.

To celebrate, Lincoln Goodwill has created a list of practical ways you can help the environment today and every day. As you complete these activities – or invent your own — remember to snap a photo and post your good work on social media with the hashtag #SustainableGood!

1. Shop thrift.

Thrifting isn’t just fun; it’s environmentally friendly, too. According to Business Insider, it takes 700 gallons of water to produce one cotton t-shirt, and 2,000 gallons to produce one pair of jeans. On the other hand, Goodwill uses 0 gallons of water to put a donation on the sales floor. When you buy used instead of new, you help preserve natural resources and keep our planet healthy.

2. Recycle your electronics.

Instead of throwing away the electronics you no longer use, drop them off at the nearest Goodwill. Thanks to our partnership with Dell Reconnect, all technology donated to Goodwill is either resold, refurbished, or responsibly recycled. Learn more about Goodwill and Dell’s fight against e-waste here.

3. Repurpose old household items.

Save money and the environment by upcycling commonly trashed items. In a few easy steps, you can turn an old cereal box into a magazine holder, an empty pill bottle into a survival kit and a tin can into a festive vase. You can also revive an old piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint, as shown above. Browse our Pinterest boards for more ideas.

4. Donate textiles.

Every year, up to 85% of textiles end up in landfills. When you skip the dumpster and donate to Goodwill instead, your textiles are given a second chance at life through our retail stores. Additionally, textiles that do not meet our production standards are responsibly recycled. Learn more about our environmental impact here.

5. Celebrate with CHaRM.

Round up your hard-to-recycle materials and get ready for the Nebraska Recycling Council’s CHaRM Event! On Saturday, April 24th, the NRC is teaming up with Goodwill and other local recycling organizations to collect electronics, scrap metal, documents for shredding, EPS foam, batteries, textiles and housewares. Donors can drop off materials from 9am to 1pm at the Nebraska Innovation campus. For more information and a full list of accepted materials, click here.

Goodwill Campus Move-Out 2021: 5 Reasons To Donate

Goodwill Campus Move-Out 2021: 5 Reasons To Donate

By Alana Sesow

Congratulations, college students: you’re almost done with the spring semester! To celebrate your hard work, Lincoln Goodwill is teaming up with Nebraska Wesleyan University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to lighten your load – literally – as you move out of the dorms.

From April 26th to May 10th (UNL) or April 23rd to May 12th (NWU), Goodwill will place collection bins inside all residence halls as a part of our 2021 Campus Move-Out drive. Here are five reasons why you should take advantage of this opportunity:

  1. It’s convenient. During the busiest time of the semester, you can donate items to Goodwill without ever leaving your residence hall. This means you’ll have extra time to study (or nap) as finals week approaches.
  2. Decluttering can help you study for finals. Research has shown that people who work in uncluttered spaces are more focused, more productive, and better able to process information. So, if you have items sitting on your desk that you don’t need, donate them! Your brain – and your GPA – will thank you.
  3. You’ll save space in your vehicle. After cramming for finals, the last thing you want to do is cram extra items into your car. Before you turn your move-out into a jigsaw puzzle, consider donating what you no longer need. If you won’t use it, you shouldn’t have to pack it.
  4. Donating is environmentally friendly. When you donate to Goodwill, your items are sold in our retail stores and given a second chance at life. Items that do not meet our production standards are responsibly recycled. In 2020 alone, Lincoln Goodwill diverted 2.2 million pounds of materials from the landfill. Learn more about our environmental impact here.
  5. Your donations create jobs. Sales from our retail stores help fund Goodwill’s Job Connection center: a free computer lab in downtown Lincoln that provides one-on-one assistance to local job seekers. Alongside Job Connection, Goodwill’s ROE program and partnership with other Lincoln nonprofits allows us to better serve individuals with disabilities and other traditional barriers to employment.

Goodwill accepts gently used furniture, clothing, electronics, and home goods, but cannot accept microwaves or TVs. We can also accept and responsibly recycle some items that don’t meet our sales standards, such as stained/torn textiles and broken electronics. Click here for a more comprehensive list of accepted donations. For more information about Goodwill Campus Move-Out 2021, email donate@lincolngoodwill.org or call 402-742-8456.

Lincoln Goodwill Hosts 9th Annual Neighborhood Challenge

Lincoln Goodwill Hosts 9th Annual Neighborhood Challenge

by Alana Sesow

The snow is melting, the trees are budding, and garage sale season is just around the corner!

From the decluttering process to the final bargain, holding a garage sale is hard work. So when the sun sets on the final sale, the last thing people want to do is haul their unsold items back inside.

Fortunately, Goodwill can help.

Lincoln Goodwill’s 9th annual Neighborhood Challenge provides a free, centralized pickup of unsold items after neighborhood-wide garage sales or cleanup events. After pickup, Goodwill weighs the donations, and the three neighborhoods that collect the most weight exceeding 2,000 pounds receive a cash prize.

Since 2013, Goodwill has awarded over $8,000 to top-performing neighborhoods. These prizes helped fund a variety of improvement projects, ranging from landscaping to neighborhood events. So far, 23 neighborhoods have participated in the Challenge and diverted a total of 146,689 pounds of materials from the local landfill.

Think your neighborhood has what it takes? Be the next to join the Challenge by calling 402-742-8456 or emailing donate@lincolngoodwill.org. Register early to ensure availability; spots fill up quickly! Click here to learn more.

If you are holding a garage sale, but aren’t participating in the Neighborhood Challenge, schedule a free home pickup online or call 402-438-2022. Goodwill picks up large donations for free within Lincoln and Waverly city limits.

Goodwill Recycles 5,054 Pounds at Electronics Drive

Goodwill Recycles 5,054 Pounds at Electronics Drive

by Alana Sesow

On Saturday January 9th, Lincoln Goodwill held its fourth annual Electronics Drive to celebrate National Technology Week. Thanks to the generosity of over 100 donors, Goodwill collected 5,054 pounds of donations: its second-highest pounds received for an electronics drive.

All donations, from the smallest battery to the bulkiest computer, were either resold, refurbished, or responsibly recycled through Goodwill’s partnership with Dell Reconnect.

First-time donor Sherri Macfee was excited to learn about the convenience and benefits of electronic recycling at Lincoln Goodwill. After reading Goodwill’s blog post, she gathered her family’s old laptops, DVD players, Wi-Fi router, and phones for donation.

“It felt good to know I was helping out just by donating our unused items,” Macfee said. “It was super easy to pull right up to the truck, which was easy to find in the parking lot. Great helpers met us to unload our items, and that was it. We were done.”

Additionally, Goodwill prioritized the health of donors in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by holding the drive in a spacious, outdoor location.

“We wanted to make sure that donors would feel safe while dropping off their electronics,” said Anne-Marie Maher, Communications Director at Lincoln Goodwill. “The parking lot at our Vine Street location allowed us to be outside and spread out if more than one donor came at a time.”

Lincoln Goodwill accepts electronic donations year-round at all retail locations and plans on hosting its next electronics drive in August 2021. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.