Celebrate National Technology Day with Goodwill

By Alana Sesow

Feeling tangled up in a mess of cords? Weighed down by used appliances? Looking to donate the electronics you replaced this holiday season? Donate to Goodwill’s fourth annual Electronics Drive on Saturday, January 9 at 4555 Vine Street from 10AM to 2PM. Help us promote responsible recycling AND celebrate National Technology Week.
Although trashing your technology might be a tempting solution, here are three reasons why Lincoln Goodwill is the best donation destination for your electronics: 

  1. Your donations fund employment services. Goodwill believes in the power of work, especially following a tough financial year for many individuals. When you choose to donate your gently used electronics to Goodwill, the sales from your donations help fund local employment services, like our Job Connection site in downtown Lincoln. Thanks to your generosity, Goodwill is able to assist individuals with resume creation, computer skills, and more to maximize their employability. Learn more about Goodwill’s commitment to willing workers here.
  2. Electronic recycling boosts the economy. Goodwill’s partnership with Dell Reconnect ensures that all electronic donations are either resold, refurbished, or responsibly recycled. Instead of trashing the technology that does not meet our retail standards, Goodwill sends it to Dell for careful dismantling. Dell then uses the broken-down parts to build and sell new products, which boosts the economy by significantly cutting manufacturing costs.
  3. Goodwill reduces e-waste in the environment. By donating your electronics to Goodwill, you help fight our global e-waste problem. According to a United Nations report, the world generated about 118 billion pounds of e-waste in 2019 alone. Unfortunately, only 20% of annual e-waste is responsibly recycled, while the other 80% either sits in landfills or is irresponsibly broken down by informal recycling operations. Some informal recyclers immediately sort electronics into either metal or plastic recycling instead of depolluting hazardous substances and salvaging precious materials. In worst-case scenarios, companies export e-waste to developing countries, where self-employed recyclers burn, leach, and melt electronics. During this process, the recycler releases toxins which harm both the environment and the health of individuals in the area. When you donate your electronics to Goodwill instead, you decrease this harm through the power of reselling, repurposing, and responsible recycling.

We accept most electronics and small appliances, but we cannot take any microwaves or televisions at this time. If you are unable to attend our event, Lincoln Goodwill accepts electronic donations year-round at all retail stores. Email alana@lincolngoodwill.org with questions or call 402-438-2022 ext. 119. 

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