Goodwill® Introduces New Program with Lancaster County Corrections

In February, 2014, Goodwill® Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc. launched a new program titled Renewed Employment Success with Education and Training, or RESET. In cooperation with the Lancaster County work release program, Goodwill provides support to individuals who have been approved to take part in the work release program. These individuals are willing and able workers who face obstacles in finding appropriate employment due to their past lifestyles and current incarceration barriers.

Once an inmate has been approved by a Judge for the work release program, they may then be referred to Goodwill’s RESET program by their corrections caseworker. The program is aimed at providing hands-on work experience paired with employment programming. In addition to learning Goodwill’s production methods and performing such tasks, RESET participants also complete modules focused on employment and life skills, such as resume writing and money management.

“One of the greatest challenges individuals face once they are released from jail is finding stable employment” said Sarah Murtagh, Employment Services Director for Goodwill. “The RESET program will not only provide work experience while participants are still incarcerated, but teach them the skills necessary to find employment once they are released or maybe even sooner.”

This program “gives me a chance to better myself and prepares me for answering the tough questions when applying for jobs” said program participant Joey.

“This experience will affect me in a great way. I have good resources and new abilities to [help me] succeed in my life” said Dylan, another RESET participant. “This is a great opportunity for inmates to excel and change.”

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