Take the “One-In, One-Out” Challenge with Goodwill

Take the “One-In, One-Out” Challenge with Goodwill

By Alia Hurst

During the holiday season, you might find yourself receiving newer items, left questioning what to do with the items they’ve replaced. Consider adopting the “one-in, one-out” philosophy this holiday season. For every new item you receive, give away the old item that is being replaced. While this is a great method for decluttering your living space, it is also a fantastic way to donate to those in need by supporting job services in your community.

Here are some commonly replaced items you can donate to Goodwill:


If you receive gifts like a new computer, a curling iron, gaming system, or a vacuum and have no reason to have two of the same items, consider donating. Goodwill accepts most electronics and small appliances; however, we do not accept televisions or microwaves. Even if these devices or appliances do not work, Goodwill recycles thanks to our partnership with Dell Reconnect. Donate to any Lincoln or York Goodwill location year-round during store hours or drop by our Electronics Drive on Saturday, January 7th 2023 from 10AM-2PM at 4555 Vine Street.


New clothes often replace older ones that move to the back of your closet or your dresser. Unless these clothes have sentimental value, consider freeing up some space by donating them. Goodwill accepts textiles in all conditions; gently used textiles are sold while textiles with stains or tears are repurposed or recycled.


When you receive a new pair of shoes or boots for the holidays, you might be tempted to toss the old pair out. Consider donating instead. Goodwill sells gently used shoes and recycles those that do not meet our production standards.


Especially as kids grow older, new, age-appropriate toys make great presents. In fact, toys took 7 different spots on the Best Products 2022 list of 75 most popularly rated holiday gifts. Instead of putting the replaced toys in a box in your closet, take that box to a local Goodwill. 

Even though the holiday season is nearly over, giving season never ends. When you donate to Lincoln Goodwill, you are giving your items a second life and supporting employment services that benefit your own community. 

Didn’t see the item you’re looking to donate? View a more comprehensive list of items Goodwill accepts here. To learn more about our annual Electronics Drive and other ways to donate, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on social media.



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