Meet Shadia: Goodwill Team Lead

Meet Shadia: Goodwill Team Lead

By Alana Sesow

When Shadia was first hired as a Goodwill Team Member in 2011, her English was limited, but she was determined to improve by interacting with customers. Over time, Shadia not only improved her English, but she also developed the skills and experience required to advance from a part-time Team Member to a full-time Team Lead.

“Working at Goodwill gives you the opportunity to start from nothing to somebody,” Shadia said. “It’s a good opportunity for anyone who wants to improve their life and improve their skills.”

Aside from improving her English, Shadia appreciates Goodwill’s flexible schedule that allows her to balance full-time work with full-time parenting. She also enjoys meeting a variety of people every day.

“If I have any stress, when I come to the store, I feel like I’m happy because I get to meet the customers, I get to meet the employees, I get to meet people from the warehouse,” Shadia said. “I get to meet a lot of people, and they make my day.”

To learn more about working at Goodwill, watch our interview with Shadia or view our online application.



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