Local Senior Apartment Complex Donates 750 Pounds to Goodwill

Local Senior Apartment Complex Donates 750 Pounds to Goodwill

By Alana Sesow

On Tuesday, October 19th, Capitol View Tower Apartments gave its residents the chance to impact the community without ever leaving the parking lot. In just two hours, residents of the downtown senior apartment complex collected 750 pounds of gently used clothing, electronics and home goods through their Goodwill donation drive.

“Many residents had expressed an interest in wanting to clean out [their] apartment,” said Deb Kallhoff, Resident Service Coordinator for Capitol View Tower Apartments. “However, transportation was an issue.”

So Kallhoff contacted Goodwill to see if they could help.

To save the residents a trip to the retail store, Goodwill helped Kallhoff organize a free, on-site donation drive. This included a two-hour centralized donation pickup in the Capitol View Tower parking lot, during which a Goodwill staff member loaded donations onto the truck as they rolled in. Additionally, Goodwill provided free marketing materials, including flyers and digital images, to help Kallhoff spread the word to residents.

“The whole experience was excellent, from arranging the event to the actual event,” Kallhoff said. “It was all very seamless and easy. Goodwill staff is amazing!”

Most importantly, Kallhoff knew that hosting a Goodwill donation drive wouldn’t just be convenient; it would be rewarding, too. By donating to Goodwill, residents would help local job seekers find employment, regardless of the traditional obstacles they may face. The revenue from Goodwill’s thrift stores in Lincoln and York funds free employment services in Southeast Nebraska, like those offered at Goodwill’s Job Connection Center in downtown Lincoln.

“It’s a win-win situation for everyone,” Kallhoff said. “Residents get to feel good about helping others and the community benefits from the donations.”

Thanks to organizations like Capitol View Tower Apartments, Goodwill can continue to serve local job seekers for years to come. Goodwill would like to thank all its donors, big and small, for making its mission possible.

Want to host your own donation drive? Call 402-742-8456 or email donate@lincolngoodwill.org to get started.



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