Lincoln Goodwill’s 7th Annual Neighborhood Challenge

Holding a garage sale requires you to gather an assortment of unused items, price them, place them, and bargain with avid garage sale attendees all weekend. After the initial glee of a successful sale, a terrifying thought can occur, “After all this hard work, what am I going to do with what’s leftover?” Even if you’ve been picked clean besides a few t shirts and a leather recliner it may feel burdensome to figure out what to do with the items. There is no way they are re-entering your home, but they also won’t fit in your car for a quick trip to Goodwill. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could pick up the items for you? Goodwill is one step ahead of you.

Goodwill began doing neighborhood-wide pick ups after annual garage sales in order to give people a convenient way to donate their unsold garage sale items. As more neighborhoods got involved in the pick ups, Lincoln Goodwill created the Neighborhood Challenge. The first Neighborhood Challenge was held in 2013 and it evolved a post garage sale pick up into an opportunity for neighborhoods to build camaraderie and spark a friendly sense of competition between neighborhood associations.

Today, neighborhood associations across Lincoln compete in the Neighborhood Challenge by holding a neighborhood pick up after their garage sales. The top three neighborhoods who collect more than 2,000 pounds receive a cash prize to strengthen their neighborhood. The Challenge has allowed neighborhood associations to complete community projects ranging from landscape improvement to neighborhood events. Thus far, Goodwill has worked with over 18 neighborhood organizations across Lincoln and last year the Challenge collected 25,103 pounds!

We want our 7th annual Neighborhood Challenge to be bigger than ever! Our goal is to collect 25,000 pounds of donations and increase participation. The Challenge begins on April 21st and it is not too late to get involved! Join the Challenge. Click here for more information and to register for the event!

If you aren’t participating, but still want to keep up with all the fun, ‘like’ our Facebook page! We will have dates of the garage sales and post what neighborhoods will do for their community if they win! In addition, if you are holding a garage sale, but aren’t participating in the Challenge, schedule a free home pick up here or call 402-438-2022.



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