LINCOLN – Holding a garage sale requires gathering an assortment of unused items, pricing them, placing them, and bargaining with avid garage sale attendees all weekend. After the initial glee of a successful sale, a terrifying thought can occur, “After all this hard work, what am I going to do with what’s leftover?” The idea of re-cluttering the home after decluttering is unthinkable, but so is putting the items in the landfill. That’s where Goodwill can help. Donate leftover garage sale items to a centralized location in your neighborhood and have the chance to win a cash prize to strengthen your neighborhood.

Neighborhood associations across Lincoln compete in the Neighborhood Challenge by holding a neighborhood pick up after their garage sales. Participation is simple. Coordinate a date, time, and location with Goodwill and they will be there with a truck ready to load items. The top three neighborhoods that collect more than 2,000 pounds receive a cash prize to strengthen their neighborhood.

For eight years the Neighborhood Challenge has allowed neighborhood associations to complete community projects ranging from landscape improvement to neighborhood events. Thus far, Goodwill has worked with 20 neighborhood organizations across Lincoln, awarded $8,000 towards community improvement projects, and diverted 136,590 pounds of materials from the local landfill through this event.

Reserve a spot for your neighborhood by calling (402) 742-8456 or sending an email to with the date you want to hold your pick up. Be sure to register early as only two pick ups can be held per day and summer spots fill quickly!

If you are holding a garage sale, but aren’t participating in the Neighborhood Challenge, schedule a free home pick up at, or call (402) 438-2022.

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