Goodwill Recycles 5,054 Pounds at Electronics Drive

Goodwill Recycles 5,054 Pounds at Electronics Drive

by Alana Sesow

On Saturday January 9th, Lincoln Goodwill held its fourth annual Electronics Drive to celebrate National Technology Week. Thanks to the generosity of over 100 donors, Goodwill collected 5,054 pounds of donations: its second-highest pounds received for an electronics drive.

All donations, from the smallest battery to the bulkiest computer, were either resold, refurbished, or responsibly recycled through Goodwill’s partnership with Dell Reconnect.

First-time donor Sherri Macfee was excited to learn about the convenience and benefits of electronic recycling at Lincoln Goodwill. After reading Goodwill’s blog post, she gathered her family’s old laptops, DVD players, Wi-Fi router, and phones for donation.

“It felt good to know I was helping out just by donating our unused items,” Macfee said. “It was super easy to pull right up to the truck, which was easy to find in the parking lot. Great helpers met us to unload our items, and that was it. We were done.”

Additionally, Goodwill prioritized the health of donors in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by holding the drive in a spacious, outdoor location.

“We wanted to make sure that donors would feel safe while dropping off their electronics,” said Anne-Marie Maher, Communications Director at Lincoln Goodwill. “The parking lot at our Vine Street location allowed us to be outside and spread out if more than one donor came at a time.”

Lincoln Goodwill accepts electronic donations year-round at all retail locations and plans on hosting its next electronics drive in August 2021. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.



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