Goodwill Helps Job Seekers Overcome Employment Barriers Through New RentWise Classes

Goodwill Helps Job Seekers Overcome Employment Barriers Through New RentWise Classes

By Alana Sesow

Since 1932, Goodwill’s programs and services have helped Southeast Nebraskans overcome a variety of employment barriers. Now, Goodwill is expanding on those services with RentWise: a six-module class that helps individuals become good tenants so they can secure stable housing and stable jobs.

Housing is a common obstacle for job seekers today, according to Goodwill Employment Specialist Kate Shotkoski. In fact, she said it’s a number-one priority for many of her clients at Goodwill’s Job Connection Center.

“When an individual doesn’t have to worry about housing, it is so much easier to focus on work,” Shotkoski said. “Their outlook improves so much. It ties in so much with making sure they can stay employed.”

RentWise covers a variety of topics such as property upkeep, conflict resolution, the Landlord Tenant Act and how to spot housing discrimination. After completing Goodwill’s RentWise class, individuals receive certificates that they can present to potential landlords, showing that they have taken active steps to becoming a good tenant. This certificate is especially helpful to those who face traditional housing barriers, including justice-involved individuals, individuals who age out of the foster care system and new Americans.

Goodwill’s RentWise classes are currently offered to individuals served by Fresh Start. As staffing and resources allow, Goodwill hopes to expand the class to other local agencies. To learn more about Goodwill’s mission, programs and services, visit the Programs page and follow Lincoln Goodwill Job Connection on Facebook.



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