Goodwill Goes Green with Girl Scouts

By Alia Hurst

On Wednesday, December 6th, Girl Scout Troop #28801 learned about textile recycling through the “Good Turn for Goodwill” patch program.

Lincoln Goodwill has an existing community collaboration with the Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska that provides opportunities for education, earning patches, and donation convenience. The experience became a platform for youth to learn about sustainable practices while also learning about what Goodwill does for the Lincoln community.

During the meeting, troop members discussed different types of jobs – like nursing, teaching, and even beekeeping – and the different things people need to find and keep a job. The girls learned that organizations like Goodwill help people find and keep jobs by providing work clothes, skills training, and more. Some troop members even mentioned different partner organizations of Goodwill, like Lincoln Literacy!

Girls also learned about recycling textiles and other materials, like metals, cardboard, shoes, accessories, and more. Goodwill representative Alia Hurst led a bingo activity, during which the troop matched real-life recyclable items to images on their cards. To conclude the meeting, each girl brought in three bags of items to be donated to Goodwill and received a “Good Turn for Goodwill” patch to celebrate their commitment to their community!

Interested in learning more about this community collaboration or want to schedule a Goodwill meeting for your troop? Email or call 402-742-8456.



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