Goodwill Community Partner Feature: YWCA Job Outfitters

Goodwill Community Partner Feature: YWCA Job Outfitters

By Alana Sesow

At Goodwill, we believe in the power of community.

Not only does Goodwill create and fund life-changing employment services, like those offered for free at our Job Connection Center, but we also provide funding to peer agencies that help local job seekers overcome traditional barriers to employment. Through our community partnerships, we can better fulfill our mission: “willing workers employed and community resources maximized.”

Bringing your best self to a job interview is about more than just having a great resume and answering questions well. Work-appropriate clothing is also key to securing employment. That’s why Goodwill partners with YWCA Job Outfitters.

YWCA Job Outfitters is a program that offers women and men in our community career clothing, hope, and encouragement. Participants are given vouchers to shop for interview and work apparel at Goodwill retail stores. Additional services and resources are available based on each individual’s need.

“This partnership means that more residents have the assistance that they would need to get business clothing for interviewing, to get budgeting information, how to manage their families and just some general life skills and work habits information,” said Karen Bell-Dancy, Executive Director of YWCA Lincoln.

To learn more, watch our interview with Karen Bell-Dancy or visit



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