Goodwill Community Partner Feature: Lincoln Literacy

Goodwill Community Partner Feature: Lincoln Literacy

By Alana Sesow

At Goodwill, we believe in the power of community.

Not only does Goodwill create and fund life-changing employment services, like those offered for free at our Job Connection Center, but we also provide funding to peer agencies that help local job seekers overcome traditional barriers to employment. Through our community partnerships, we can better fulfill our mission: “willing workers employed and community resources maximized.”

Knowing English is a key qualification for many jobs in Southeast Nebraska. That’s why Goodwill partners with Lincoln Literacy.

Lincoln Literacy’s mission is “to strengthen our community by teaching the English language and a variety of literacy skills to people of all cultures.” The agency teaches basic, intermediate and advanced English classes to immigrants, refugees and anyone else in the community looking to improve their skills. Additionally, Lincoln Literacy provides GED prep classes, occupational skills training and case management for individuals looking to reenter the workforce.

“When I think about the impact of Goodwill’s funding with Lincoln Literacy, not only are you improving people’s literacy so they can talk to their teacher, so they can talk to law enforcement, so they can talk to their landlord,” said Bryan Seck, Executive Director of Lincoln Literacy. “You’re also impacting people’s future [career] trajectory.” To learn more, watch our interview with Bryan Seck or visit



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