The Neighborhood Challenge is a competition between the Neighborhood Associations in Lincoln. It is a seasonal event where the various Associations are encouraged to host Neighborhood Garage Sales or Donation Drives for Goodwill. The event is broken down into one round, Spring/Summer. Each Association can only participate in one round. The top three Associations who collect the most weight in donations exceeding 2,000 pounds will win a cash prize.


Pick-ups may be scheduled anytime Sunday thru Saturday with the limit of 3 neighborhoods a day. 2 weeks’ notice must be given to Goodwill in order to participate. During the scheduled pick-ups, Truck Drivers must wear their Neighborhood Challenge t-shirt or Dell Reconnect t-shirt. Truck Drivers’ appearance must be clean and tidy in order to represent Goodwill in a positive manner.


Participating Associations will be documented on the Neighborhood Challenge Participation spreadsheet along with the dates of their event, contact information, survey answers, and donation weight tracking. Gaylords for each Neighborhood Association will be clearly labeled and weighed upon returning to Judson. All weights must be recorded by the Operations Specialist, Communications Director, or designated employee.


Upon scheduling their event, the Neighborhood Association Representative will be asked questions regarding how they will use the prize money to strengthen their community should they win. These questions can be found on The Neighborhood Challenge Pre-Event Survey. A Post-Event Survey will be sent to the contacts of all the participating Associations to gather feedback regarding how the Neighb40orhood Challenge went and what could be done to improve the event for next year.


Each participating Association will be given the following materials to help organize and promote their event:

  • Alternate Donor List
  • TV Recycling Policy
  • 4-6 Yard Signs ($10 refundable deposit required for each sign)
  • Fliers (upon request)
  • Additional supports as identified by the Association within reason and Goodwill’s ability


Several media outlets will be used to promote the Neighborhood Challenge including radio, print, and online advertising. Goodwill’s Facebook page and twitter feed will be the main source of information for the Associations and those who wish to follow the challenge. Updates and encouragement will be posted no less than three times a week by the Communications Director or designated employee beginning two weeks before the challenge and ending one week after. Three news releases will also be used to promote the event; one before, the second during the event and one after.


The top 3 Neighborhood Associations who collected the most weight in donations exceeding 2,000 pounds will be awarded a cash prize. Photos of the winning Associations’ events and projects will be used in the final press release, on Facebook, twitter, and