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Goodwill is a partner with Dell and a proud member of the Dell Reconnect program. Dell Reconnect is a residential computer recycling program that offers an easy, convenient, and responsible way to recycle your used computer equipment. We also accept just about anything that can be attached to a computer. Check out the items we accept and answers to frequently asked questions below.

Drop off and feel good.

Your donated equipment has value—sometimes as a whole system, sometimes as parts, and sometimes in raw materials such as metals, plastics, and glass. The proceeds from your donation are all returned to Goodwill and support Goodwill’s mission of putting people to work. You’ll get a receipt for tax purposes, plus you’ll be helping to protect the environment at the same time!

Prepare your computer for donation.

Some items may require additional preparation before you bring them in, as neither Dell nor Goodwill is liable for data removal or protection. Make sure you back up your data and wipe your hard drive before you drop off your equipment.

How does it work?

The process is simple:

Make sure Dell Reconnect accepts your item (see below.)

Take your computer equipment to a participating Goodwill.


Items will be evaluated and either recycled or resold through Goodwill stores.

Common Questions:

What happens to the equipment?

Goodwill employees determine if an item can be resold or should be recycled. If it is still usable, Goodwill will refurbish the item and sell it through their stores. If the item should be recycled, it will go through Dell’s recycling process. Systems will be broken down into individual parts and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Data and hard drives will also be destroyed.

What happens to my data?

You are responsible for wiping data. Recycled systems may have their hard drives destroyed.

There are multiple approaches to wiping data, including data-wipe software and physical shredding of hard drives. A number of factors are typically considered when evaluating and selecting the method used to remove data, including the sensitivity of the data and the possibility of attempts to recover the data, among other factors.

Limits of data wipe. No data-wipe process leaves a hard drive as free from unreadable residual data as a comparable new product. Dell makes no (i) recommendations regarding the customer’s data removal requirements or (ii) representations regarding the effectiveness of one method of data removal over another.

How is Dell Reconnect different from other recycling options?

Dell Reconnect is unique because:

  • It’s free.
  • It creates jobs.
  • By partnering with Goodwill, Dell Reconnect has been able to create over 2,600 locations for you to recycle your e-waste in North America.
  • Your item may qualify as a charitable donation.

Items Accepted through Dell Program

Dell Reconnect accepts any brand of used computer equipment in any condition. We also accept just about anything that can be connected to a computer.

Computers (Desktop & Laptop) – See Hard Drives below.

Printers – Including laser & inkjet


If the glass is broken, place the scanner in a cardboard box lined with a large plastic garbage bag. Seal the box and clearly label it with “broken scanner” and the date.

Hard Drives (External or Internal)

Dell and Goodwill Industries do not accept liability for lost or confidential data or software. You are responsible for backing up any valuable information and erasing sensitive data from the hard drive before dropping it off. (If you want to completely erase the hard drive, you can find a number of free services available online.)

Wired or wireless mics


Wired or wireless

Speakers – With or without cables

Cords & Cables – Including power cords & USB cables

Ink and Toner Cartridges – Full or empty

Software – Please include the license key

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