4 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day with Goodwill

4 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day with Goodwill

By Alia Hurst

While Valentine’s Day traditionally celebrates romance, Galentine’s Day (February 13th) honors friendship in all forms. Who else can you call for last-minute outfit input, breakup advice, or to talk about something your partner just doesn’t understand? Celebrate the people who are always there for you with these four ideas from Goodwill: 

1. Host a Galentine’s Brunch

Share a meal with your closest friends and personalize the celebration with thrifted DIYs. For example, Michelle Howell, the creative behind the Vintage Home blog, used a thrifted sweater to create heart placemats. She also thrifted white napkins, folded them in the shape of an envelope and added a wooden heart to it to make it look like a love letter. Small DIY projects add uniqueness to the celebration and could even be a group project before the party itself. If you host, consider thrifting some charming dishware to spice up your party! 

2. Choose a Thrift Challenge

If you aren’t the party-hosting-type, take your friends on a thrifting trip to the nearest Goodwill. Quality time spent looking for hidden gems can be fulfilling on its own. If you want an extra challenge, pick out the classiest or craziest outfits for your besties and go out for a night on the town. 

3. Send a Long-Distance Care Package

Remind your out-of-town friends that the distance between doesn’t distract from the power of their friendship. Thrift a personalized care package from Goodwill! The perfect shirt, pair of earrings, or new household decorations are ideal as they show originality and individualism. 

4. Take Time for Yourself

While Galentine’s Day is about celebrating significant friendships, it is also about celebrating yourself. Putting yourself first is crucial and maintaining a clear mind and a clear space is the first step. Turn on your favorite music, journal to clear your mind, and start a donation box to clear your space. This will help you begin the process of empowering and loving yourself on this important day. 

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