Celebrate the New School Year with Goodwill’s Electronics Drive

Celebrate the New School Year with Goodwill’s Electronics Drive

By Alana Sesow

A new school year is the perfect opportunity to leave old habits – and excess technology – in the past. Give yourself a fresh start this fall by donating to Goodwill’s Back-to-School Electronics Drive.

Participating is easy; just bring your donations to the large Goodwill truck at 4555 Vine Street on Saturday, August 7th from 10am to 2pm. Plus, every person who donates at least one piece of technology can enter our raffle to win free school supplies and a Goodwill gift card.

Most importantly, your donations will create a better future by improving both the environment and the job-seeking community. Working electronics will be sold in our retail stores, where the revenue helps fund free, local programs that assist job seekers as they overcome traditional barriers to employment. Such programs include our Job Connection Center, our ROE program, and other local nonprofits that support Goodwill’s mission.

Other electronics will be refurbished or responsibly recycled thanks to Goodwill’s partnership with Dell Reconnect. Instead of trashing the donations, Dell carefully breaks down electronics and uses the individual parts to create new technology. In 2020 alone, Lincoln Goodwill diverted almost 2.2 million pounds of materials from the local landfill, including 61,630 pounds of electronics.

Goodwill accepts most electronics and small appliances, but we cannot accept microwaves or TVs at this time. If you can’t make it to our event, you can donate electronics year-round at our six retail locations in Lincoln and York. For questions or more information, call 402-742-8456 or email donate@lincolngoodwill.org.

Ten Steps to Get Organized for Back-To-School Clothes Shopping

We are fast approaching back-to-school time and now is a great time to share how to get ahead of the game with a quick project to ease your way into the shopping season.

You can save the most time, money, and hassle if you know what you already have that works, what each child needs for the current season and what each child needs for the next season. So let’s help you get a step ahead by getting your kids’ clothing organized for some savvy shopping.


Typically, you want to get as much of this project done as possible without the kids and involve them for a targeted amount of time at the end. If kids are older or if they are interested in the process, they may benefit from being involved so that they can learn from what you’re doing.

You’ll need the following supplies to get started:

  • Paper grocery sacks,
  • Plastic storage bins,
  • Permanent marker,
  • Paper and
  • Pen.
  • Bonus: label maker for bins

Let’s dive in:

  1. Get the laundry done as much as possible to give you a full view of what you have. As you fold the laundry, note the sizes of the kids’ underwear, shirts and pants. Also make a note of anything that needs to be replaced.
  2. Tell the kids you’re going to ask them later to try on a few clothes to see if they fit. Many children cooperate better if they have been given advance notice to transition into activities.
  3. Start with the folded clothing in their dresser drawers, such as socks, underwear, shorts and sweaters. Check each item for size and wear-and-tear, neaten it up and organize it as needed. Make note along the way of anything you need to purchase.
  4. If you’re not sure whether something fits, start a try-on pile for each child for later.
  5. Anything that has been outgrown can be placed in a paper sack to donate to Goodwill. Mark the bag with the permanent marker with the word “donate.” You can also label and use the bags to sort other items like toys that need putting away in other rooms.
  6. If you have younger family members who may want outgrown items as hand-me-downs, put these items in storage bins and label the full boxes by gender, range of sizes and season.
  7. Next, move to the closet and tackle the hanging clothing. Keep noting what needs replacing and areas that are coming up short. Consider everything in terms of “good school clothes” and count how many shirts, pants and dresses will currently work.
  8. Once you’ve gone through all of each child’s clothing, take whatever’s left in the try-on pile and grab the kids for a try-on session. Some kids may be more cooperative if you let them try-on while they watch a favorite show as a treat, and some may think it’s a big fun fashion show! Do have fun with it and work with your child’s preferences to make it painless for everyone.
  9. Write down everything you notice that is needed and the correct sizes for everyone. Don’t forget underwear, socks, belts, ties, hair accessories, jackets, sweaters, school uniforms, “party clothes,” athletic shoes, casual shoes and dress shoes.
  10. Take your bags of donations to your nearest Goodwill donation center. You can find the closest one using our locator. You’ll be helping fund programs and services in your own community that help people get good jobs while helping the planet too!

Now you’re ready! Your kids’ clothes are organized, and you have a list of exactly what you need to get from the big sales in a few weeks. And don’t forget the bargains you can get every day shopping at Goodwill, where gently used kids’ clothing can be the perfect way to save even more.

Happy summer and welcome back students!