Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska Reopens Three Retail Stores, One Furniture Store

Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska Reopens Three Retail Stores, One Furniture Store

LINCOLN – Eight weeks ago, Goodwill made the difficult decision to close their stores. During that time, the generous people of Lincoln continued to donate at contactless donation sites. As stores reopen, Goodwill is excited to offer a large inventory of unique furniture items.

On Monday, May 25, Goodwill will reopen the 3910 North 27th Street location as a temporary furniture store. Stop by for great furniture deals during this temporary change.

Additionally, Goodwill has reopened three retail locations at 6300 Apples Way, 4555 Vine Street and 1700 South 17th Street. Hours of operation at all locations are Monday through Saturday 10AM to 6PM and Sunday 11AM to 6PM.

Donations are accepted during hours of operation. Donations left outside of open hours are subject to hazardous weather and vandalism. 

Goodwill depends on the revenue from their stores to provide free career services to the community. Jobseekers are encouraged to visit for online learning or call (402) 477-0436 for one-on-one job search assistance.

All updates and information can be found at

About Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc.

Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc.’s mission is “willing workers employed and community resources maximized.” Programming supports individuals with barriers to employment by providing services that equip them with the tools needed in order to obtain employment, working to lower unemployment rates and lessen reliance on government assistance within the Lincoln community. Additionally, Goodwill contributes to ecological balance through massive recycling efforts of unsalable textiles and other products.

The community can support Goodwill all year long by donating their gently used items, shopping at Goodwill stores, volunteering and making tax-deductible financial donations. The sale of donated goods remains the greatest source of funding for programs Goodwill provides. Learn more at

DIY T-Shirt Wall Art

In early March, the Garden of Giving opened at Gateway Mall, exhibiting repurposed clothing from Lincoln Goodwill to form a peaceful garden. At the opening event, guests were given the opportunity to make DIY t-shirt wall art.

If you didn’t get the chance to stop by, don’t worry! We are sharing a fun, simple tutorial that you can do in the comfort of your own home. This DIY is perfect for the t-shirt you rarely wear, but holds a special place in your heart. It could be from your first concert or your favorite high school memory. We chose a silly shirt to hang next to where the office cats sleep all day.

Here are the five easy steps to make a t-shirt canvas of your own.

What You’ll Need






1..Line the t-shirt up on the canvas.

Before cutting the t-shirt, put it over the canvas and be sure the design you want to display fits and looks the way you want. If not, try a new shirt or a different sized canvas.

Pro tip: Iron your shirt before placing it on the canvas to ensure it’s wrinkle free and lays smoothly. Cut the back out of the t-shirt out near the seam.

2. Leave enough space to stretch the shirt over the canvas while removing the back of the shirt and excess material. This is to get the t-shirt to a size that is easier to work with. Remember, you can always cut smaller, but it’s not easily made big again!

3. Stretch the t-shirt over the canvas.

Align the t-shirt with the front of the canvas how you the t-shirt to lay.

4. Staple the shirt to the canvas.

Start by stapling the sides of the canvas. The more staples, the better the hold. We suggest a minimum of 5 staples per side. Next, staple the top and bottom. While doing this, be sure to continually check that the t-shirt is still aligned with how you want it displayed.

5. Cut excess and DONE!

Cut the excess t-shirt from the canvas and add additional staples as needed. Then the t-shirt wall art is ready to be displayed!

Here are some other examples of inspiration for your t-shirt creation as well as photos from the exhibit.  Send your completed t-shirt art and any other DIY projects you complete to our social media accounts, we’d love to see what you create!