The Community Justice Center (CJC), announced its Public Safety Award Winners for 2015. Every year stand out businesses and individuals are identified by the Community Justice Center for their commitment and dedication to public safety within the community. For 16 years the CJC has been providing pre-treatment education classes addressing offenders Criminogenic Risk/Needs Factors via Victims Impact and Life Skills Classes. The Community Justice Center, Executive Director Jim Jones noted that “This year’s honorees have demonstrated their dedication and commitment to improve Public Safety in their communities via their powerful work with offenders and we are honored to recognize this year’s Honorees–we all can feel safer due to their work.”

Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc. has been identified as the 2015 Public Safety Award Winner in the business category. In addition to Goodwill Industries support of CJC’s “Victims Impact and Life Skills Classes” – Goodwill provides inmates and released individual’s meaningful employment opportunities and soft skills training to assist with their transition back into society as contributing members of the community.

The 2015 Individual Public Safety Award Winners are: Mary Alley, Parenting Coordinator at Nebraska Correctional Center for Women, Mark Danner, Unit 6 Administrator, Residential Treatment Center Nebraska State Penitentiary, Kevin Oliver, Recreation Manager, Lincoln Correctional Center. Jones added that; “It was tough making the selections this year many Nebraska Department of Corrections employees were deserving but these individuals uniquely demonstrated an ability to “Habilitate” individuals under their supervision while holding them accountable and reducing the likelihood of them re-offending!”

CJC is proud to recognize this year winners – Job Well Done and thank you for your commitment and service to Public Safety!

For more information about the Community Justice Center Award Winners please contact:

Jim Jones, Community Justice Center, 402-429-1050



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