Goodwill Neighborhood Challenge

April 21st - July 14th, 2019


The Neighborhood Challenge is a friendly competition between the Neighborhood Associations of Lincoln. It is a seasonal event where the various Associations/Organizations are encouraged to host neighborhood garage sales or donation drives for Goodwill. The top three Associations/Organizations who collect the most donations will win a cash prize to help strengthen their neighborhood.

Why Donate to Goodwill?

The Mission of Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc. is willing workers employed and community resources maximized. Goodwill serves people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities, or dependence on public support, as well as other barriers to employment.

Donations to Goodwill help fund employment programs for these individuals as well as help fund other organizations’ employment programs, including Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters, Lincoln Literacy, Community Justice Center, and YWCA Job Outfitters. For more information about the services Goodwill or these other organizations provide, click here!

In addition to helping those who face barriers to employment, Goodwill makes the strongest effort to recycle donations that are not sold in its stores. In 2016, Goodwill diverted over 5.5 million pounds of materials from the landfill!

It's Easy!

To sign up, fill out the registration form or call (402) 438-2022 ext. 119. Free neighborhood pick ups can be coordinated with Goodwill following the event to make things as simple for residents as possible. Each participating Association/Organization will be given the following materials to help organize and promote their event:

  • Alternate Donor List
  • TV Recycling Policy
  • 4-6 Yard Signs
  • Fliers (upon request)
  • Additional supports as identified by the Association within reason and Goodwill’s ability
  • Tax receipts for individual donors upon request


Associations/Organizations no longer need a Federal Tax ID number to participate! If your neighborhood wins and you do not have an EIN, Goodwill will make a purchase of your choosing, up to the amount that you won, to help strengthen your neighborhood.


  • Event should take place during the weeks between April 21st and July 14th, 2019. (Exceptions can be made)
  • Pick ups by Goodwill must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance.
  • Donations collected must exceed 2,000 pounds in order to qualify to win.
  • Participating Associations/Organizations agree to have pictures of the event taken and promoted on Goodwill’s website and Facebook page.

2,000 Pounds?!

One of the requirements to qualify to win is collecting 2,000 pounds or more of donations. This may seem like a large amount, but it is very attainable. Last year, one winning neighborhood collected 5,240 pounds!

  • 1 computer monitor (the bulky kind) weighs 40 pounds!
  • 5 pairs of jeans weighs 10 pounds.
  • Medium size box of toys is about 20 pounds.
  • Medium size bag of clothes is about 20 pounds.
  • Medium size box of misc. household items is about 30 pounds.


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