Declutter and Donate to Goodwill


Families can start now to lower stress and get homes organized for 2016

Now is the time for families to clean out their homes and storage spaces to make room for this past holiday’s presents. There are more than 3,000 Goodwill stores across the United States and Canada that are ready to take donations and sell them in their stores. The revenue generated will fund job training programs and community-based support services for people with barriers to employment.

All Goodwill locations accept donations of clothing, household goods, electronics, computers and accessories, and furniture. Donors should verify what specific items their local Goodwill agency will accept before dropping them off.

“Many people find it difficult to part with their things, but once they do, they find they have alleviated a lot of stress by living in a more organized and neat environment,” said Lorie Marrero, Goodwill spokesperson, founder of the Clutter Diet® and contributing editor to Woman’s Day magazine. “Goodwill provides valuable community services by selling the items you no longer need. You get a tax deduction and experience the rewarding feeling that comes with helping others.”

Lorie has tips for helping people part with items they no longer need:

  • Use the “One In, One Out Rule” to make room for new items. For every new gadget or sweater received, give one to Goodwill.
  • Choose a problem area, like the kitchen or closet, and make it a start-of-year project to clean out.
  • Help children learn the value of giving by organizing their toys and donating some they don’t play with any more to Goodwill.

Goodwill donors can calculate the positive impact of their donation with the Donation Impact Calculator. Users can choose their donations from the drop-down menu, and the calculator will display the impact of that donation on the community. For example, a donation of one bag of clothes provides one hour of résumé preparation assistance for someone who is looking for work and building a career.

“Goodwill provided critical job training services to nearly 10 million people last year,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “We could not have done this without the revenues generated at our stores, which all come from selling goods donated by others.”

Donations to Goodwill are tax deductible, but donors should make sure they get their receipts. They should also use reliable resources to help them estimate the value of their donations. Goodwill recommends the website

Click here to find your nearest Goodwill retail and donation center.

YWCA Lincoln's Job Outfitters Still Going Strong

YWCA Lincoln’s Job Outfitters Still Going Strong

For over 29 years, YWCA Lincoln’s Job Outfitters has offered women in the Lincoln community career clothing, guidance, hope, and encouragement.

Job Outfitters was started in 1986 when four organizations came together to meet the needs of women in the Lincoln Community: Lincoln-Lancaster Commission on the Status of Women, the YWCA, Business and Professional Women- Axis Chapter, and American Business Women’s Association- Horizon Chapter. The program was born when the Women of Color Task Force suggested the idea of a clothing bank to assist women with appropriate clothing for interviews. We are excited to see this program continue to grow and empower our community

In December 2012, the YWCA Lincoln and Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc. teamed up to expand services to women and men who are working and seeking employment in a variety of professions. Job Outfitters offers real world guidance for interviewing, online resources, money management, and job retention. The program provides assistance throughout the progression of an individual’s job search journey: from unemployment to resume creation, interviewing, and securing the job to earning a promotion. Participants are given vouchers, which can be used at any Goodwill retail location in Lincoln to shop for interview and work apparel. Those wishing to donate clothing to the YWCA for this program may now take items to any of Goodwill’s 6 Lincoln locations, or deliver them to the YWCA offices.

To utilize this program, participants should visit the American Job Center, Suite 205 on the 3rd Floor at 1111 O Street (SCC Offices/Centrum Building/Education Square) in downtown Lincoln. After providing employment-training services, eligible participants are issued vouchers that can be used at any of Goodwill’s Lincoln locations for employment clothing, accessories, and shoes. Job Outfitter’s clients are seen Monday through Friday from 1:00 to 2:00 pm. No appointment is necessary. You can also call the YWCA offices at 402-434-3494, for more information regarding this service.

Know To Whom You Are Giving


The holidays bring out the best in most, but scams are rampant. With #GiveGoodwill, Goodwill encourages smart giving this season and all year-round.

The holiday season inspires generous giving. In fact, most charitable donations and volunteer hours are contributed in the last three months of the year. But while the air of peace, faith and hope brings out the best in most, it can bring out the worst in some in the form of scams and rip-offs.

A 10-year-old email resurfaces annually during the holidays, making erroneous statements about several charitable organizations, including Goodwill. It stands as a firm reminder that everyone considering making a monetary gift or donation should do so wisely. Goodwill reminds donors to be diligent about charitable giving, to research organizations using sites like CharityWatch, and to make sure they’re donating to authentic bins.

"We always encourage those generous enough to give to give wisely;" said Amanda Hamilton, Communications Director of Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc. "Do your research and educate yourself about the recipient's goals, financials and efficiency. At Goodwill, we're completely transparent and proud of our consistently high ratings among all charity watchdog groups."

Those who choose to give to Goodwill can be confident that their financial gift and donated goods provide exponential benefits throughout the Lincoln and York communities. Monetary gifts can be given safely and securely through Goodwill’s website  or , and they go directly to helping members of our community. A donation of clothing or household items gives belongings a second life and reduces waste. Goodwill shoppers benefit from the opportunity to find the perfect gift or holiday ensemble, and all donations give hope to those seeking work by funding vital training and employment services. Goodwill's donation impact calculator provides detailed feedback on the effect even the smallest donations can have.

For more information about how your financial gift, donated goods and store purchases support efforts in the local community, visit our website at Share your Goodwill donations on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #GiveGoodwill.

Give smart this holiday season. #GiveGoodwill.


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